Development strategy of SAIC Motor new energy vehicles

  • I. Promote the scale production of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • II. Promote the development of industrial applications and scale engineering tests.

Development concept of SAIC Motor new energy vehicles

Utilizing its core technologies and industrial manufacturing chain, SAIC Motor intends to expand its research and development team. The group will establish more competitive R&D resources and a supply chain system in core fields relating to new energy vehicles, and promote a service system featuring "convenient usage, resource sharing and green circulation".

The group will soon lead China's new energy vehicle industry, creating technologically advanced vehicles and establishing innovative and comprehensive solutions for new energy vehicle clients.

Major measures for SAIC Motor new energy vehicles

  • I. Focus on industrial policies and dedication to the pure electrical vehicle market.
  • II. Concentrate on self-owned brands and promote the application of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
  • III. Cooperate with joint ventures and hasten the delivery of new energy vehicles to the market.
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